I have a purpose. I always have. Yet it has come more and more into focus with the rising tide of years. It is this: Through the beauty of language, to help others rebirth their spirits by catching sight of the Light beyond light, by touching the Life beyond life, and by drawing closer to Infinite Love, their Source and Happy Ending.

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    • For everyone who’s been struck down by darkness;
      For everyone who’s been lifted into light
    • For everyone who’s felt confined by life as it’s been given;
      For everyone who’s sensed a vastness just beyond it
    • For everyone who’s been plunged into the depths of heartbreak;
      For everyone who knows that they’ve been saved
    • For everyone who’s wished for a happy ending;
      For everyone who is unable to
    • For everyone who believes in transcendent Goodness;
      For everyone who can’t



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At the Thresholds of Elysium: Lyrical Illuminations for Lifting Spirit into Bliss

Mythic Accretions: Douglas Gillette: 2004
I wish for every reader/listener:
  • To feel that they have connected with, and found an honoring of, a wide range of the core experiences of their lives;
  • As a result, to feel that they have been seen, heard, and validated in their human-ness;
  • To feel confirmed in their sense that they are vaster and more expansive than their daily lives have been able to reveal;
  • To feel inspired and lifted by Beauty, Truthfulness, and Goodness;
  • To feel that they have been found…and freed!

“These lyrical illuminations not only enlighten the depths of everyday life experience, revealing the hidden beauty lying just beyond the edges of ordinary perception. They also awaken our sleeping senses to that astonishing warmth and tenderness which we often miss and dismiss as daily dullness. No, far more than that! Douglas Gillette ventures to share his vision of how we mortals can face death with both grit and grace, surrender and triumph!”

Don Jones, a retired pastor in the Disciples of Christ Church and Elder in the Mankind Project

Statuary Lamp By Douglas M. Gillette

By Death

By death we are humiliated.
By death we are exalted.



Copyright © 2016 by Douglas M. Gillette

These illuminations encompass a wide range of feelings and images about renewal and transformation, and they speak in a variety of voices and on multiple levels of meaning. Many are bright, soaring even. Some are darker. Many are “lyrical.” Some are more measured. Some are light. Some are heavier. Some are narratives. Some are humorous. Often seriousness and humor are mixed. Some of the poems involve a hint of cognitive puzzling that makes these pieces particularly intriguing, as the solutions to these gentle riddles gradually rise to consciousness.

There are around 350 illuminations in this collection. I expect all of the illuminations in this collection to be published in book form by the spring of 2016. Here are two illuminations:

Minerva            Douglas Gillette: 11-7-15

Minerva flies at dusk on dove-grey wings. She alights from
some Otherwise

upon the stony throne of mind, by Medusa’s daylight shrieking

just before mentation re-liquefies and slides beneath penumbraed
seepage of the night.

She inserts Herself into this: dissolution of ego-consciousness,
and, within a livid vision dives,

commands with that the animal soul to sink into abeyance,
awakens spirit with Her chirping and Her cinder eyes.

Alert and vivid now, animated by Her striving, the holy soul
emerges from inside,

rises up with Her, surveys its mortal life, knifes forward through
its pains and pleasures, discovers an unnerving Joy,
and thrives!

Copyright © 2015 by Douglas Gillette

Oddments of the Psychic Real     Douglas Gillette: 2-25-15

You know, I don’t agree with F.W.H. Myers’ claim that his work
with oddments of the psychic realm relegates religious hopes
to sugar-coated wishes.

I do not doubt the truth of the majority of his findings. But I still
conclude that the dead who want to stay communing with their
loved ones in this in-between of his

need to find a more exalted life than automatic writing, raps on
tables, hauntings, and the like. They need to seek a greater
elevation, and take the high road to Divinity.


Copyright (C) 2015 by Douglas M. Gillette

Ancient Roman Wall Painting: Garden Scene