Upon My Resurrection Douglas M. Gillette 11-18-13

If I could see you now as you see me,
I know I would be ravished by the sight–
upheld by light, a ruffling breeze about
your hair, your eyes moist, even kinder

than before, bright with knowledge I
have yet to gain, that face and flesh I loved
somehow golden, yet unchanged,

the clothes you wore, your mannerisms,
your way of listening and speaking,
although altered, still, thank God, the same.

I would fall in-love with you all over again,
even though I’ve never stopped feeling that,
as I did first in my apartment, gently, quietly,
when you came to cook and clean, the magic

of our first home together in Houston, our
daughter as fruition of that pact we made to
back each other up through thick and thin,
through health and sickness,

wealth and poverty, no matter what the cost,
to raise our daughter well, to respect each other
and cherish each other’s strengths as well as

How more than glad I’ll be to see you, touch
you, smell you, hear you, taste you, make love
with you again upon my resurrection!

Copyright (C) 2016 by Douglas M. Gillette