For all of you who have read/heard some of these lyrical illuminations and/or looked over my website, and would be willing to send me a review that I could post on this Reviews page, please contact me. I would be very glad to hear from you!


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“Doug’s poems are full of images of our much-dreaded passage into the beyond. They also contain the promise of our entrance into incredible beauty, forgiveness, and brilliant transformation.

Here the poetry of our eternal future is poured forth with passion and prolific visionary faithfulness to the welcoming nature of an understanding God.

Doug’s answer to the quest for eternal life is to trust the gift of mythic imagination to introduce us to dimensions of super-natural beauty exceeding all our wildest expectations.

These poems are a bold venture into the affirmation of life after death, its shining beauty and magnificence! Do your soul a favor and feed it often on these poems!”
Rev. Don Jones, retired Disciples of Christ pastor and Elder in the Mankind Project


“After listening to Doug do a reading of selected poems in a group setting, I was eager to pore over them alone, in a quiet place, to ponder and reflect as I was guided from realm to realm. It was profoundly delightful and powerfully moving! And delicious!

“Each poem was imbued with Doug’s unique voice and his vivid, evocative, and profound gems of expression. Whether exploring the spiritual realm, ancient myths, nature, Love, the sentient world, transformations of life and death, or the real-life drama of a parent’s fading mind, his poems are infused with grace, beauty, vitality, empathy, curiosity, wonder, gentle realism, and wisdom.

“Here’s just a smattering of my favorite phrases and lines from the poems he was generous enough to email me:

‘dragonflies–that translucent
rainbowed cellophane, veined, and subtly sheening.’

‘…frost-crisped brambles, desiccated greens,
standing blond and stiffly
in a breezeless freeze.’

‘the brittle shifting of spindly feet’

‘We create worldviews in order to steady ourselves in our astonishment and confusion.’

‘I believe only Love can find us.
I think only Love is looking.’

‘I wonder if Iulia is still thinking, and, if she is, of what. I wonder if she’s happy,
as she certainly deserved to be. My guess is either that, or she’s moved on
beyond the possibility of my imagining her as Iulia in any form.’

‘I would like to enter Heaven then in a wash of light
that might remind me of a Maxfield Parish sky,
and of sunlit summer afternoons, my wife and daughter
laughing in the hammock, or that time we flew the kite.'”

Felice Bassuk, film-maker, writer


“I am very impressed with your website, Doug! It looks professional, easy to handle, eminently tasteful, with plenty of information, and enough poetry to get at least a hint of the power and beauty of your whole body of work! For me, it reveals your other side–a religious desire to counsel, console, and inspire. In our classes you always prepare the material meticulously but with enormous flexibility in order to enlighten and engage us in the history of human thought. Your poems reveal your passionate soul, and realize a powerful and wise balance between that soul and your prodigious intellect.”

Jack Herman, retired Chicago area lawyer


“You’re the best teacher I’ve ever had, and an enormously decent human being. Educating and inspiring others is your greatest gift, a gift which your many writings, and perhaps especially your poetry, abundantly manifest.

“When I read your website, I am reminded of my poster of an iceberg–15% above the waterline and 85% below the surface. You and I–and many of your students–are mostly below the surface. That’s where our real lives take place. We are ‘iceberg people.’ We consciously choose to live on a deeper, more profoundly connected, and more spiritual level–not an easy task in our fast-moving and chaotic world.”

Bonz, retired small business owner


“Wow! Your website far exceeded my expectations! First impression, visual–elegantly artistic from border to border. That in itself announces to the viewer that they’re in for a treat! Images and colors–striking! Poems–evocative, arresting, striking! Personal response–excitement! I have an urge to share them with every one of my friends that know you as well as those who don’t!”

Robert Williams, retired engineering sales executive


“The website looks terrific! And the poems are beautiful!”

Kola Kennedy, retired technical educator


“I am immensely impressed. You write in the tradition of William Blake.”

Nicholas Maxwell, Emeritus Reader in Philosophy of Science at University College London


“I have read and am sitting with your poems. They are intimate and an invitation. They deserve a long pause! I am particularly enchanted by “Narcissus.” Our old worn out stories are so…just that…worn out! We’ve beaten poor Narcissus up, and maybe we beat ourselves up a little every time we condemn him. Your poetry, for me, is Rumi-esque, and brings a new perspective. With your poems a new, vital energy has a fresh door to enter!”

Susan Negley, Jungian analyst in San Antonio, Texas


“I’ve read through your poems, and I like them very much! The subject matter and the context of your work are both diverse and yet they all pull the reader back to one, central location–the psychological space wherein the infinite breaks through into our finite experience, wherever and however that might be. In a word, I would say that I felt the tone of your poetry was ‘redemptive.’ It is obvious that you’re able to spread your writing style across several genres of poetry, and, further, that you are able to speak to people from a variety of backgrounds and moments in their lives. This latter, in particular, is of considerable importance to me.

“Stylistically, I like how ‘Blinded’ was reminiscent of the glimpses of truth offered through a koan. Alternatively, I also found the narrative approach of ‘You Shall Not Be Forsaken’ to be thoughtful and deeply empathic. It is as if you have had similar existential destitution.

“In general, if I may, I enjoy the impression and the feel of your poetry overall. What I have read of it is optimistic and even pastoral. And we could all benefit from a bit of these virtues in our lives!”

Christopher David Shaw, DPhil in Theology at the University of Oxford


“‘Each is what it is at its extreme. At the same time, each is seamlessly blended with every other each thing’ reminds me of the early Greeks–Heraclitus, Empedocles–Nice work!”

James Luchte, Visiting Professor of Philosophy at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics


“Mission accomplished! Your poems are word wizardry. They are direct communications from the Beloved.”

Shannon O’Neill, M.A., LPC, LCAS, Adjunct Professor at Western Carolina University


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