More than Counting Zebra or Gazelle Douglas Gillette: 8-5-12

Nature creates from within, boot-strapping on each creature’s actions into the next available place-and-time–call it an “adjacent possible.”

By this means it demonstrates that it wishes to go somewhere it hasn’t been. In this sense
at least, each process within it is teleological.

Each seeks completion in self-transcendence. Causality is not about clacking billiard balls,
though mechanical procedures are evidently permissible.

Randomness isn’t that. Or, even if it is, it’s still causative, and grist for Nature’s mill, which
demonstrates goals, however less than conscious–

for example, natural selection. Call it “natural.” It’s still selection. Sleep walking has its
compulsions and finalities. If serpents are somnambulant,

they nonetheless stalk and feed. If people behave unconsciously, they nonetheless wish
well-being. Nature is directed by mathematical and geometrical

rules, on which it thrives, and which, whether precedent or inherent to it, it is pleased to
utilize in its self-elaborating agenda,

in which each entity is a value in itself, and, at the same time, vis-a-vis Nature’s program as
a whole, variously expendable.

I don’t know where Nature comes from, or where it thinks it’s going. But consciousness was
evolved, I think, for more than counting zebra or gazelle.


Copyright (C) 2015 by Douglas M. Gillette