Creation’s Evaporating Summit Douglas Gillette: 6-30-12

Nature, our dwelling, familiar to us on one narrow band of reality
to which our mental apparatuses and senses have been fitted–

nonetheless discomfiting, a place as much within and as us as
anything we term exterior, a mental space we wish to exit,

albeit, perhaps, ambiguously, and transcend without entirely
forsaking it–thrusts upward toward a relatively culminating

height or latitude, out at the interface between somethingness
and nothing, that disorienting hinterland where we might tremble,

vertiginous when we look down and back at that mist of beings
from which we have ascended, stratum-by-stratum, through labyrinthine

systems of recurrence, in which the effects of the sub-atomically
bizarre have more or less been gone-beyond and cancelled,

and a fragile stability attained, up and forward toward some noetic,
intelligible, or supra-psychic, atmosphere and realm,

which we have sufficient prescience to glimpse, but not enough of
it to definitively enter.

We are hemmed by heights-and-depths, treading neurological nebulae
at creation’s evaporating summit–in Nature, yet not quite of it.


Copyright (C) 2015 by Douglas M. Gillette