I have been reading my lyrical illuminations to listeners/participants for 20 years or so, and am now actively seeking to share them with more and more people who might be moved and inspired by them.


I am an adventurer-explorer—geographically, culturally, imaginally, and in terms of spirituality.

Perhaps like most of our lives, my life has been a fantastic mixture of light and darkness, of the pleasurable and the painful, and of great joy and hard-to-bear trial. It has also been a miraculous coming together of the “hands-on” physical, of in-depth intellectual voyaging, and of a soaring richness of the heart and spirit. It is now a life mostly satisfied, continuously inspiring, and at the same time largely completed.

I am a life-long student of, and college teacher, guest lecturer, and workshop presenter in, the fields of history of thought, comparative religion and mythology, and depth psychology. I am the author of seven books in these fields with major publishing houses, with the sale of numerous foreign rights. I have been a pastoral counselor, working with individuals, couples, and groups, and am a retired pastor in the United Church of Christ, in which I specialized in inter-faith dialogue and alternative services, as well as church growth.

I am a writer of lyrical illuminations—the culmination and fruition of all the above.

I am a lover of the Divine, my fellow human beings, and reality as I have experienced it.

Douglas M. Gillette : Lover of the Divine, Humanity, and Nature

My education includes a Theatre Major and an English Minor from Augustana College, an M.A. of Religious Studies from the University of Chicago Divinity School, and an M-Div. from Chicago Theological Seminary.

With my teaching, writings, and appearances, I wish to give back as much as possible of the richness I have received. Then, I believe, I will be content, although I expect a little apprehensive as well, about moving on to Whatever-Comes-Next.

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